Getting through a 5 hour plane ride is easy when your destination is: paradise.  We decided to spend my birthday in a beach city and Xiamen found its way to the top of the list.  Xiamen is extremely south, while our home, Shenyang, is extremely north.  Thankfully both cities are on the east coast… but it would basically be like flying from New Hampshire to Cuba.

Being such a long trip, I was not surprised that I got out of a plane in a different world!  Palm trees everywhere, scarce traffic, sandy beaches, plus it was 90 degrees at 11:00pm.  Too hot?  No way, I was loving it.

We arrived at our guest house, The Blue House Inn, at about midnight.  The Inn was tucked back in a little wooded area, so It was a miracle we found it in the dark.  For about 28$ a night this place was amazing.  As you can see below, the rooms were great and we were about 50 feet from the beach!

This is a view from the roof

Being a vacation weekend, we didn’t have too much planned.  The first night, we met some Europeans and Americans and just hung kicked it on the beach, enjoying the sound of the water, some local beer, and the site of a clear sky and lots of stars (a rarity in China).  Here is a picture of the beach out front of where we stayed.

Needless to say, I was already more than satisfied with our choice of location.  The following day, we headed to this small island off of the coast.  This island was unique because it was strictly pedestrian, having no cars or bikes.  Filled with European and Chinese architecture, plus great hiking and views, it was well worth the 1 minute speed boat ride over.

While the sun was setting, we ventured off of the island to grab a few drinks at this bar street we found.  Every bar had a happy hour special, was right on the water, and had a different theme.  We had a few drinks, listened to some live music, and then headed out for the night.

The next day, we stumbled across this awesome bar, guesthouse and venue called the dreamer house.  We stumbled across this place and loved it.  They had great views from the outside decks, good drinks and awesome live music.  We caught a band that was a couple… the guy playing the harmonica and the guitar and the girl singing and playing the djembe.  These are not traditional Chinese instruments but they somehow made some amazing Chinese music infused with African and western influences.

Another highlight of the weekend was the Temple Bar.  This was an open air Buddhist temple that was recently transformed into an awesome coffee shop and bar.  Nothing on the interior was changed at all except they removed the Buddha statues.  I enjoyed my Johnnie Walker under the shelter of the temple while a slight summer storm rained through the open air portion of the temple… it may have been the recent presence of Buddha, but I was extremely relaxed and at peace.

We finished the weekend off with some birthday shots, compliments of the locals.

Xiamen was an amazingly unique city, and a great escape from metropolis China living.

(That is water I poured on my shirt at an attempt to escape from the 100F heat)


7 Responses to “Xiamen”

  1. Happy bday Nick! Leah- that photo of you on the boat reminds me of you when you were little- long hair- silly expression- you look young and carefree (just like you should!)

  2. What an adventure you’re having! Hey Nick, don’t they have barber shops in China? Maybe the beautician that cut Leah’s hair could do the same for you. I’ll even stake you to a haircut! Anyway, Happy Birthday, Leah! So glad you found such a great place to celebrate it. With about 7 months to go, there must be lots of adventures ahead! Enjoy!!
    Love, hugs. and kisses …. Amma Lusher

    • Just reread the blog and … sorry Nick . It’s been a couple of months since
      your birthday so i just assumed that leah had written this blog and that it
      was her birthday you were celebrating. I’d appreciate a reply to this comment, so that i know you’re aware of the responses I’m sending. Love you … miss you … but the weekly phone calls do help. It’s always so good to hear your voice/ //////// Amma

  3. Amma! Always get your comments and thanks. I miss you too and always look forward to our weekend chats. Love you,


  4. Wo Ai Ni …. How do you say and spell Grandma? .. Amma

  5. Leah –you look like you are hanging on for dear life! how fast was that boat going?…

  6. Hey Guys == No August blogs ???!!! I check every day .. in vain!
    Well, at least we talk every week, but i really do look forward to your
    very interesting and creative blogs.

    Wo AI Ni !! …. Amma

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