The tale of the cursed rooftop…

(Written by Leah K.)

I would have to say that out of ALL of the foreigner bars in Shenyang (a total of 4) my favorite place to hang out is Lenore’s. Located near the corner of bei san jing jie and shi san wei lu (behind Heidi’s), Lenore’s has a really chill environment and cheap beer. The owner is a fun dude and always pleasant. If people are being too loud outside he will simply buy us popsicles to interfere with our carrying voices. If you don’t fancy the music at Lenore’s, you can simply plug in your own mp3 player and play your music through out the bar. This place has character, the friendliest staff, and a balance between foreigners and Chinese people. There is one thing I would have to advise you about if you ever wander over to the ol’ watering hole…DON’T GO ON THE ROOF. It is cursed. If you even dare go on that roof, you will be thrown off by the force of the curse. Dun dun dunnnn…

This is how it all began…One of our friend’s Dads was locked out of the bar. He was in the men’s restroom, which, at the time was a small area outside, behind the bar. He had no way to get out of the bathroom but to climb the roof. He climbed it, put a spell on it, and went back into the bar for drinks. He carried on throughout the night as if everything was normal, little did we know that roof would be hexed forever.

About a week or so later, my dear buddy Ceci and I (and some boys) decided it was time to take a gander on the roof. “If Kaila’s Dad can do it, why can’t we?!” In our intoxicated states we ran across the roof. We ran and we ran and we ran until we were no longer over the bar, we were now running over people’s home’s and businesses. We ran and ran until BOOM! Little Caciia fell right through the roof. She forged a decent sized hole that she ended up paying for. She also ended up paying for her wrist broken in 2 places…and the embarrassment of waking up a family out of their sleep to find a white girl sitting in their home.

The days went by and Ceci was getting ready to leave Shenyang, as most foreigners do at some point. Some pals and I were reminiscing about the day she took the big fall. I had the brilliant idea to climb the roof again, this time it was in memory of Ceci and her wrist. I started climbing…I couldn’t even make it to the top before the curse took hold of me and forced me to the ground. I played it off like I was too cool to get hurt and walked around the rest of the night, little did I know I would walk with a limp for 2 weeks.

So now you know the story of the curse. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, make it known that no one should attempt to climb Lenore’s roof. I fear that the curse is going stronger and if you aren’t careful, the curse will get you!


4 Responses to “The tale of the cursed rooftop…”

  1. You’re so cute, my love!

  2. I can ony envision your friend falling into someone’s HOME! You girls claazy! Glad you didn’t have to go to the hospital, I am sure that would have been a blog in and of itself 🙂

  3. This sounds more like shenanigans than shenyanigans. If it’s true, Leah, hope your ankle is healing well! And where was Nick during all of this going on?

    Love to U both ………. Amma

  4. awwww i feel honoured to be the FIRST victim of the curse… thank you leah!!!

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