Our trip to Dandong, A little sing along…!

Written by Leah 

Now this is a story of our trip to Dandong.

Please-listen up-it won’t be too long.

We travel by train to this city that we are heading to

it’s a 4 hour trip for $4, we can’t be blue.

 Located right on the border of North Korea and China.

There’s also the Great Wall with a big incline-a.

Jessi (that moron) got lost and ran all the way to the train.

She almost missed it by a second, how insane!

So we’re ridin’ and we’re ridin’ through mountains and coal mines

We arrived when it was dark, just a little after nine.

We hit up the town, looking for some fun.

Found a bar with a bouncing floor, not even kiddin,’ hun.

They called us on stage, all of us whites

Gave us bottles of wine and made us drink with all our might.

The next day we went to Tiger Mountain Great Wall.

It’s the most Eastern part, the beginning of it all.

We climbed and we climbed, the stairs never seemed to end

There was so much to view and so many bends.

When we got up high enough, North Korea was in view.

It’s quite barren and plain, not much of a hue.

Our legs were so tired, we had climbed so many stairs!

But we were having a blast, we didn’t have any cares.

Finally got to the ending, we thought we were stuck

There was just a barbed wire fence, that we could have easily snuck.

The Korean government warned us with their signs.

“Keep out! Don’t throw rocks past our lines!”

Into that forbidden land, did we dare go?

It was so close, no security, but we decided ‘no.’

So we followed a small dirt path, the people were so near.

It led to on a chain bridge, the view was so clear.

Eventually we landed, safely on the ground.

And headed to lunch for a little beer round.

I purchased a souvenir at the border between the North and the South

A man whittled in wood, check out his little mouth!

We had to celebrate our success, a real true China trip.

Got a ride back to town from a man that was quite hip.

He blasted some techno, let us drink in the van.

He was our waiter at the restaurant, and he was the man!

To Yalu River, this was our next stop.

We dressed up in Chinese clothes for a little photo shop.

We walked on a bridge where a bomb did hit.

Americans claim it was accidental, but no one believes that shit.

We spent the afternoon soaking up the beautiful day

Classical music was played, I really loved their way.

The people in this city are so friendly, full of cheer.

I highly recommend traveling this way if you come here.

As night fell, we headed out for a snack,

to a place owned by the N. Korean government, still intact!

The waitresses at this spot were all from that land

They were kind and gentle, not like those in Chinaland.

Once we headed back out, the sun finally fell.

We headed down the road, right to this strong smell.

There were tents upon tents full of barbeque delight,

But some of the things, I could not eat, not with all of my might!

Once you finally pick the tent where you will dine

People give you your own grill, it was all mine!

We ate peppers and onions, green beans and eggplant

We met some nice people, they wouldn’t let us pay a scant!

So our meal was free, we went out on the town

We were having so much fun, just acting like clowns.

The next day right before we left we stopped for a massage

At the blind masseuse, it was not a mirage.

When the weekend was over, we were sad to leave,

we rode on a train with no AC, my biggest pet peeve.

On the way home on the train, friends we did meet.

We helped them practice their English, it was so sweet.

So this tale I weaved, I want you to adore.

I really just hope it wasn’t a bore.


2 Responses to “Our trip to Dandong, A little sing along…!”

  1. A new talent I didn’t know you had. Bet you had help from Leah.
    Truly, truly enjoyed all the sights and your poetic comments. It was such great fun reading this after just reading Nicole’s latest blog from Thailand which was also a hoot. Such talented grandkids I have!! And I’m getting such geography lessons, too!
    P. S. Time for a haircut??

    Love and hugs and kisses …. miss you .. be well and stay safe!!


  2. WOW! what a great trip for a group that is hip! sorry, that’s as far as I can get. Glad it was so much fun and that you were meeting people!

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