My Best Friends Are 2 Year Olds

(Written by Leah k)

Everyday Nick and I wake up bright and early to go to work. Our day consists of playing and teaching a group of 5-6 two year olds. Every day our schedule is as follows:
play time,
snack time,
outside time,
lunch time,
3 hour nap time,
snack time,
and leaving.
Our day is pretty long, but most of it consists of playing and eating.

Our children really love music and movement class. They know a few songs and have some great dance moves. Check out Andy jammin’ in this video!

They don’t really know all the words of the songs, but they do know they tune. Here is a video of Daniel and I during outside time. He is trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC’s.

Art time is my favorite lesson of the week. I love to play with crayons, markers, paint, scissors, glue, etc. Basically what ever the children can get their hands on and make creative. This week we are playing all different types of music for the children. We are then asking them to draw pictures of what the music looks like to them.

Another one of my favorite parts of the day is going out side. I especially enjoy taking the kids on nature walks. The our school is in is a very beautiful place. It has a fish pond, a few hills and a large field. There is so much green foliage covering the entire area that I sometimes forget I am in over populated China!

That’s all for now folks! Gotta get to class!


4 Responses to “My Best Friends Are 2 Year Olds”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing you in action!

  2. The songs take me back, it seems like it was just yesterday that you were singing your ABC’s. Keep up the good work! Love

  3. That was so much fun! Those kids are adorable and they seem to be learning what your teaching them! I notice they only get 2 “lessons” a day but lots of eating and playing. Sounds like you’re having fun. Does it ever get boring? you seem to be enjoying it. Love .. hugs..and kisses to you both.

  4. Sounds AMAZING! So happy for you and the children you are impacting!

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