(Written by Leah K)

Today I am going to take my fellow readers on a trip to meat-on-a-stick corner. This is one of my favorite places in our neighborhood. As you can see in the pictures, there is a corner full of street meat vendors.



If you look closely in the picture on the right, you can see our apartment complex…those tall red buildings. It is strange walking out of our tall skyscrapers and into this little ghetto, but it is also an exciting journey every time.


       This cart is our absolute favorite. We go here often. Every time the woman working here sees us closing in on her stand she gives us a little smirk like, “ Oh here come these foreigners, what should I feed them this time…Intestines? Hearts? He he he…” The row on the top is all vegetables. You got your parsley rolled in a noddle, little white mushrooms rolled in a noodle, mushrooms, beans, tofu and eggplant. Absolutely delectable if you ask me! I think those yellow and green things on the bottom right are hard boiled eggs, but I’m not sure because there are no visible yolks. The rest of the shelves are full of weird meat. Nick is pretty adventurous when it comes to eating weird meat on a stick. He is determined to try all of them.


       So the first thing you do when you get there is point to what you want and how many you want. Then the guy working behind the stand cooks them up in some boiling oil, or something like that…

       Then they throw your food on this pan full of sauce and spices. They use the brushes to quickly smear your stick of choice with all of these spices.


       I am not sure what these spices are but it tastes kinda like teriyaki. Super spicy and a smidgen sweet. After the sticks are dressed in sauce and spice, the woman at the front of the stand wraps the bottom of your stick with some TP (in case it drips) and hands them over.

       The first time we went Nick thought he ordered two, but ended up getting 12!! He is convinced that the lady got a kick out of watching him eat intestines so she kept shoving them into his hand. No biggie though, they aren’t that filling and they are Y1 each. So if you want to convert that into USD it’s a little over 10 cents a pop.

       Here I am eating my absolute favorite. A big chunk of parsley wrapped in a noodle. I usually eat 2-4 sticks of them every time. When enjoying a feast of meat-on-a-stick you eat about 1 or 2 at a time. When you’re done with your first choice you tell the cook the next ones you want, and so on. So people are usually chillin’ around the stands smashing down weird sticks of food. When you feel full you ask the lady in this picture here how much your lavish dinner was and she will quote you some ridiculously cheap sum of yuan.


       Nick thought this was a sausage, but after eating it he thinks it is processed chicken, breaded on the outside. Or maybe pork.


       And when you’re finished- check your shoes for chunks of meat or TP!


3 Responses to “Meat-On-A-Stick”

  1. Can you take a picture next time of the vegetarian stuff Leah. This sounds great, glad you guys are being adventerous and love seeing the woman who is serving you the food. She’ll be your best buddy by the end of the year. Nick, how is that stomach holding up????

  2. You guys sure are adventurous … and/or stupid! Hope you packed some Pepto-Bismol … but also hope you never need it. I’m really enjoying your blogs and the pictures are great. Thanks for taking the time to produce such great stuff! Love, hugs, and kisses … as always … from Amma!!

  3. no stomach problems here!

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