Hair Cut

(Written by Leah K.)


I can’t remember the last time I got my hair cut at a professional salon. I don’t think I ever really have. In my entire 23 years of life I have only received hair cuts from my Grandmother or my cousins. When they would cut my hair, I would get a very very small trim. Anything over 3 inches cut off would be pushing it, and then I would usually start to cry. But today, I braved one of my biggest fears…I got a hair cut. Not only was it at a professional salon, but it was in China.

The total cost of my hair cut was 18 yuan. That is approx. $2.80. There is no tipping in China either. So to sum it up, the cost of my hair cut was less than an average person would tip on a hair cut in the US. Awesome, huh? I got a lot cut off and I even got bangs! I want to fit in here in Asia and all the girls have them.


4 Responses to “Hair Cut”

  1. You’re so dang cute!!! Love the bangs – – really makes you look Chinese!?

  2. You are beautiful with or without bangs, we love you sweetheart!

  3. Great haircut. And you are as pretty as ever! And the price sure was right! Enjoy!

  4. Love it! Mongy permed my hair again while we were there in June- Love it when she does my hair! Blessings!

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