Chinese Snacks

The other day Nick, Amanda, Coco and I were hanging out in my classroom making decorations for our classrooms. We were all discussing how hungry we all felt. Instantly, Amanda decided that she was going to run downstairs to the market grab and us some snacks. We couldn’t be happier! I was imagining some delicious Chinese chips, or maybe some candy…but how could I be so foolish?

Amanda bought me a vacuum sealed package of quail eggs!

…And for the rest of the lucky snackers…. pickled chicken feet!

Don’t forget to spit out the nails and bones!!!

Nick did a pretty good job, being his first time eating chicken foot.

That’s all for now folks!


6 Responses to “Chinese Snacks”

  1. Setting up my classroom bulletin boards used to be one of my fav things! When do you start teaching or have you started already! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. You are darling! The snacks are disgusting!!!

  3. Leah – that is great. Did you eat the Quail Eggs and Nick, ewwwwwww!. What are those sweatshirts?

  4. Quail eggs not so bad but chicken feet .. Yuck! Are they cooked? What are the t-shirts about? I admire both your daring.
    Love .. amma

  5. I vote yuck on your snacks…….Aunt Betty

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