Chinese 5 Star Hotel

(Written by Leah K)

Dalian’s Five Star Hotel

One weekend in June, my friends and I were treated by Kaila’s parents to a full weekend in a five star hotel. The hotel was called the Grand Mercure, an international chain located in Dalian, China. Dalian is a four hour train ride away from Shenyang and located on the yellow sea. It was an awesome treat to be able to stay somewhere that wasn’t a hostel or a cheap motel. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, again, Kaila and parents.

The hotel was amazing and I had a great trip in the little beach town. The beds were amazing and so were the bath robes. However, compared to American standards, this hotel would be laughable as five star quality. Let me explain to you why. I have 3 valid points to my argument.

1.) Anyone that wanted to enjoy the sauna/pool had to pay 100yuan. That is comparable to $15, which is completely cool, but I only spend $75 a week…so that’s pushin’ it! The pool was nice, very large and clean, but shower caps were required. If you tried to take a dip with out a cap you would be kicked out immediately. Nick and I had to purchase some, don’t we look good?

The sauna was amazing. Full with a jacuzzi, showers, lockers, sauna room, tooth paste, water, etc. It was a nice place to relax, kick back, and watch some Chinese TV. The only thing they didn’t tell us was that we had to enjoy all of these amenities naked. Kaila, Jessi and I said screw it and went in the jacuzzi with our bikinis on. Little did we know every woman in the tub would scream at us in Chinese. Eventually we pushed their buttons too much that they had a woman come and stand guard, making sure we didn’t let our bathing suits touch the steamy water. When Kaila tried to complain to the front desk and maybe…just maybe even get a refund, they basically laughed in her face and told her it was policy.

The nudity thing was a little weird for me, but I’m sure I could have gotten used to it if I was exposed to it long enough. I watched women shower naked and take dead skin off their feet naked. Brush their teeth naked, sit in the sauna naked, the list goes on…I had a conversation with a naked woman for 10 minutes. She even asked me to clasp her necklace for her while she was stark naked. That was weird…

  1. Prostitutes approached my friends in the elevators. A lady followed Nick into the lift and asked him if she wanted massaGEE or sex messaGEE. She was only charging 50 yuan. That’s half the price to swim in the pool. After he denied she gave him a flier and left the elevator. Fliers like these are easily found in any major Chinese city…and their hotels.
  2. You can not get the shower towels dirty! Nick and I had trouble finding towels at any store. Go figure, since it’s a beach town. Apparently we didn’t know where to look. We thought it would be okay to take the towel from the room. I mean, how dirty can a towel get from sitting on the beach? And to be honest with you, it didn’t get that dirty. It has a little bit of filth on it, but that could have been anything. You would think being a hotel in China they were used to all the dust and grime.

    Anyways, to cut to the chase, as we were checking out of the hotel it was policy for them to have an employee check the room and then radio down to the front desk if it was okay. Evidently there was a dirty towel in the room (cough cough NICK) and we had to be charged for it. We were billed a considerably high rate however. The cost of the towel being cleaned was 300 yuan. That’s high for any country standards! That’s about $45. Hell, you could buy 3 new towels with that money. All they had to do was throw it in the washing machine….

    So what do you think about the 5 star rating?


3 Responses to “Chinese 5 Star Hotel”

  1. You’re so dang funny!!!! I love you!

  2. Leah! You are too funny!! Sounds like the Hotel Nazis!!! So glad you’re having fun!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sure doesn’t sound 5-star to me! Maybe thehigh prices are because they
    know you’re obviously not Asian and don’t know the language and so they
    can play tricks on you. Mean!!!

    Better luck on your next adventure!

    Love, hugs, and kisses …. Amma

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