Children’s Day

(Written by Leah K)

Children’s Day is celebrated June 1 in the People’s Republic of China. Schools usually hold activities such as camping trips or free movies on Children’s Day to allow students to have fun. Other schools, such as ours, host a variety of activities and even a small play for our children and their families. This year at New Bamboo Academy, Nick and I had the pleasure of performing in Cinderella. I was Cinderella and Nick was my Prince Charming.

For the special event, all of the cast members received special costumes to fit their role. These were very large, heavy costumes. Here are my evil stepsisters!

The children also had the opportunity to dress up for the day.

We had many princesses, a cow boy, and even Michael Jackson! MJ wore slick black suit and even did a dance for the occasion.

The day ended up being hilarious. Jessi came and watched the show and was almost crying in laughter when Nick yelled, “I love you! I love you! Will you marry me?!” to Cinderella. Another amusing detail is that we presented the play not once, but twice for the crowd. “But, why?”, one would ask. Well the first time we did it the camera crew and the reporters weren’t there. They were running late. So five minutes after we finished our 15 minute play, we performed it again to the same exact crowd. I think we were on TV, but I haven’t seen it…


2 Responses to “Children’s Day”

  1. Wow! Love it! I think there is a chinese version of Cinderella- or maybe it is Little red Riding Hood- it’s amazing how the fairy tales are universal! Blessings! It was great to talk to you last week!

  2. What a beautiful Cinderella and such a special Prince Charming!!
    Don’t the Chinese have their own fairy tales?

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