Benxi Water Caves


This weekend, some friends and I decided to make a day trip to the nearby city of Benxi to explore some caverns that we discovered on the internet. Benxi was about an hour away by bus and is a tiny city south of Shenyang. It used to by one of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world due to large steel industry but now is completely opposite. In a matter of ten years, this city has transformed into a beautiful city surrounded by forest covered mountains.

The caves were situated inside a large scale park with rafting, hiking trails, caves and other things to explore… including the “temple of solicifies trees” (whatever that means).

My friends and I always tend to get a late start, but we made it to the caves before they closed for the day. When entering the giant mouth of the cave, there was a short walk through extremely low-ceilinged pathways and past a few dragons and dinosaurs.

After the short walk, we entered the main cave and were given large Chinese-style jackets to keep us warm in the 40 degree air. We boarded a boat and began our journey through the large cave.  This cave was unlike anything I have ever seen before and took about an hour boat ride to get through. There were multicolored lights to emphasize really cool stalagmites but they were not too over the top (like most lights in China).

A very awesome experience to say the least.

After exploring the caves, we headed to the river for some INTENSE rafting.  Not intense rapids by any means, I say intense because of the all out splash wars our raft had with boatloads (literally) of Chinese pirates.  8 of us squeezed into the raft and paddled down the river.  When we neared the end of the river, there was a traffic jam of sorts and this is where things got ugly.  We had two chinese boys on land splashing us from the back, while two boats of pirates hit us from the front and sides.


One Response to “Benxi Water Caves”

  1. Great pictures! What a sightseeing find that was. What do you mean by Chinese Pirates … are they part of the show?

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